by Uphill Racer



sung by Elke Brauweiler
written, performed, recorded & mixed by Oliver Lichtl
mastered by TW Walsh


I took my time to choose my words, but now I'm tired
I broke my back to do my job, and now I'm fired
I stood in line to see the sun, but it expired

It took my years away and threw them on the fire
I turned my eyes away and filled them with desire

The rain in 1982

I was naive and shook your hand, but now I'm learning
I made a pledge to take the blame, and watched you burning
It burnt so bright I was afraid the wind was turning

The rush has given me a fever like a fire
It taught me that you should be careful with desire

A day in 1982 / the wind in 1982
The rain in 1982 / the snow in 1982


vocals recorded by Karl Neukauf
artwork by o.L.



all rights reserved


Uphill Racer BY, Germany


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